Xu Sheng’s eyes fixed on Xiao Wu’s cheek,Just coldly said“Your spirit bone and spirit ring are not attractive to me,Now that you have decided to stay with Tang Sande,You have to pay attention to your true body!”

If the Title Douluo who came here today is not himself,Then I’m afraid Tang San and Xiao Wu will also become a tragedy。
Although he is not optimistic about people and soul beasts,But not against。
Xiao Wu heard what Xu Sheng said,Obviously caring about yourself。
So I opened my eyes in amazement,She thought Xu Sheng would do it next second,did not expect……
Seeing Xu Sheng’s eyes filled with puzzlement,But since I can stay with Xiaosan,She was already very satisfied。
Xiao Wu pursed her thin lips and replied“I will!”
“Dean,I brought them Oscar!”There were two more lazy figures behind Dai Mubai who came back。
One looks slightly vicissitudes,Cheeks are covered with broken beard,If not familiar,I’m afraid it’s just one sentence“Uncle”
It’s the Big Sausage Uncle among the Shrek Seven Monsters,Oscar!
And the other way is that it seems to accompany fat,Very funny to walk,But its martial soul is also a top beast martial soul,Evil Fire Grass Chicken。
Oscar rubbed the dark circles of his eyes,Asked Flanders“Dean,Why did you tell us so early??”
Ma Hongjun scolded with extreme dissatisfaction“Yes teacher,I just tried,But now you suddenly……Isn’t this a tossing disciple??”
Randomly looked at Dai Mubai with resentful eyes,Angrily“And boss Dai,Can you knock on the door next time,That kick almost scared me to death!
Dai Mubai scratched her golden hair,Awkwardly smiled“Accident,I don’t think your fire is a little heavy,Physically reduce fire”
Secretly in my heart“This kid is so evil,Don’t call him like that,I’m afraid it won’t be over until tomorrow”
Flander stroked his beard,Smiled“Oscar,Hongjun,Call you guys this time,I want to tell you that Shrek Academy has added four new members today!”
The other four mentors behind Flander also nodded.……
Oscar showed a shocked expression,Exclaimed“what?Someone even joined our Shrek Academy?”