Specifically what kind of content,Door closed,She didn’t hear very clearly。

Just looked at the time,It’s almost midnight,Imagine two big men in a room,I suddenly felt very lost:
“He really likes men……”
“I’m out of play in my life……”
Chapter One Fifty Six Life is like a play,All by acting
Luo Xiaohu is also a rookie who has not recorded a reality show,The whole show is that he and Fang Hao are both rookies,And they don’t belong to the people that the show group wanted to invite at the beginning,It’s just stuffed in through other channels。
The two of them need some training,To experiment with the recording of this reality show。
When Fang Hao was alone,No one to accompany him to do this kind of thing,Now add a Luo Xiaohu,Training for them also started。
Actually this training is quite simple,Is to adapt them to life under the camera。
A few cameras followed,To face them from different angles。
What do they need to perform,Life as usual is fine。
Including eating、to chat with、Reading、Washing hands or something。
Just to get rid of their discomfort with the camera。
People in the entertainment industry have adapted to life under the lens,It’s hard for people outside the circle to adapt right away。
When two people first started,The eyes are always involuntarily looking towards the camera,I think that everything I say and do will be recorded,Unconsciously there are traces of performance。
But this won’t work。
The most taboo thing about reality shows is the traces of performance,Claimed to show the truest state of life,You always look at the camera,Always say some fake things in a serious manner,More fake than a theater performance。
Of course you have to change it。