The Emperor I still have after the empire,I want to effectively imitate the emperor to build“Emission”,But the same cost is huge,But create a batch of weapons,Whether it is the ability or an effect?,Can’t follow“Emission”Comparable。

At that time, the emperor was also ironic.,Be called“Emission”before,Can only be a minister。So there is a group of names“Unconscious”Weapon。
And just Najan Tan saw the special ability to treat soldiers treatment,The next consciousness is considered,Night is also“Emperor”。
“It’s really hard to imagine that you have been strong.,If you have an emperor,What level can you??
Perhaps it can be comparable to another horrible guy in the empire.,That person is also the strongest existence I have seen.。”
Look at the current night,Na Jie Tan is expected,The other party must be a genius that does not lose to Esdes.。
Night naturally knows who Na Jiesi Tan is said to,But but smiles don’t speak。
He can only say that Alice is very strong.,But I am really talking to the night.,I am sure to be crushed by him.。
What is Esdes’s Ability??Be a drink“Super risk”Blood given“Ice-breaking ability”。
Esdes“Emission”Probably the most special,A bowl from unknown“Super risk”Blood。
Previous people drink this blood,Not dead is abolished,Even if someone can withstand the power from the blood,become“Emperor”,His blood he drink,Also trace。
Esdes fell,A large bowl of blood,But it was bored by her.,And her body is still upset.!
This also leads directly.,Esdes’s strength,It’s far away from others.!
But no matter Esdeso,As long as she is using“Cold ice”ability,Then she can’t be the opponent of the night.。
do not forget,Night“Ice gift”This kind of skill,He is a nightmare of all ice and snow capabilities.。
All immunization“Ice and snow injury”,It’s just that all ice and snow capists,Even if the night is standing,The other party also didn’t do it at all.!
But I remember the night.,Esdes seems to have a trick,Can even be done“Freeze time”,Do you need to pay attention to it。
After all, the master passed,It is enough to be fatal between the moment,The other party has a move that can affect time tracery,It is quite ahead of the sky.。
“We went to the emperor.,How about it,Is it quite shock??”
Na Jie Tan rode the night after watching the horse,Trying from night“Township”I saw shocking expressions on my face。
But let him down.,Although the night is a bit surprised,When it is not enough to make him shock,Because he has seen the Babel Tower, who has seen in Eulai, with Dungeon,It’s much much more than here.。
But in this era,Can build such a big town,It is also enough to see the Empire’s past,How strong。
Chapter 357 I am alone.,It’s like a million lion!
Because many old iron old complains that no group,Because of the difficult reason,This fluffy street also has a group,Everyone’s face,Can come in playing,1156584963′`
巍 的 wall,Medieval architecture style,Around the city wall around the city wall,Can be in such an era,Complete such a building,The empire is really strong.。
In this regard, this area and the region,It is also worthy of a country.。
When Na Jie Tint took the army to enter the city gate,Night is also able to see the town behind the wall.。
Don’t you lose money??Compared with the villages and towns that they take along them,It is simply a hetero。
People on the street are constantly,People who are in the aristocratic clothing are also everywhere.,On the avenue is also a car horson,The gorgeous carriages of the past are not counting。
The technology of this world seems a bit strange,The fire is all kinds of firearms with cannons.,But the people here are costumes or productivity.,But stay in the medieval era。
But no matter what to say,As a country,It is indeed quite bustling here.。
If the night is not to read this,Maybe it will think,Monarchs who rule this country,Is a quite excellent person。
But knowing the night of the plot, but knowing,Don’t look at this emperor,In fact, behind it is full of various dirty dark darkness.。
Things that are beautiful at this time,In the evening, it may be a devil ghost.。