“Are you using the technique of Thunder God?。”

As the most familiar in the ninja world,The ninja who is also the most proficient in flying thunder god,Of course Water Gate knows exactly what ninjutsu is used by Instant Fire。
“The Art of Thunder God?Known as Uchiha Dasha, you can actually fly Thunder God!How did you learn?”
Jiuxina stared at the instant fire,The eyes are dull,Out of the corner of the mouth。
It is clear,This is the effect of Pai Daxing’s transformation card。
After all, Pai Daxing would be like this when thinking。
“Hey,Kusina,Are you OK。”
I saw Jiu Xin Na look like this,Watergate showed a worried expression,Move forward and shake Kushina’s shoulder。
“what,I’m fine,I was just thinking。”
Kushina didn’t notice what he did just now。
For Kushina’s words,Watergate is ashamed,He decided that it would be better not to tell her the behavior of Jiu Xin Na just now。
“This is where you live temporarily,Quickly restore strength,I’ll let you visit Naruto if I have a chance。”
After hearing that I can see Naruto,Water Gate and Jiu Xinnai looked at the flashing dog head at the same time。
After the resurrection,The biggest wish of Watergate and Jiu Xinnai is to visit their son,And my grandchildren and granddaughters。
Although two people are currently a sponge,One is starfish,But their feelings for the Naruto family cannot be wrong。
“There is a child tied inside,His father would take money to redeem people,What you have to do is before his father comes to redeem people,Keep him safe。”
Shunhuo said as he walked into the cave with Watergate and Jiuxina。
“Kidnapping children is not something Konoha ninja would do。”
Kushina was unhappy about the kidnapping of children by the flash fire。