He is not a saint,You are not a person who is worthy of sympathy。”

Lin Ye shook his head,really,What people in this world are easy to do,It is a good man hard to do。
Lu Hao returned to the company,Tell the results to Blue Xin,After listening to Blue Xin,Didn’t say anything。
“Blue,what happened?”
Lu Haocheng looked at her not talking,Walking to her, holding his waist。
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head:“fine,Just feeling heart hurting his doctor’s son.。”
“You,Don’t want to think about,This world is too bad for the money and doing bad things.。
I have to get off work.,What do you want to do today??
I go with you。”
Blue Xin http://www.ozmilk.cn thought about it:“Nothing to do,This time now,I have gone to my dinner.,Not as good as ,Let’s go to see the little auspicious。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”He just wants to have two people with her.。
Lu Haozheng bowed,Looking at the girl long and curling eyelashes,Fair face,Fantastic pink,Can’t help but have some hearts of the gods。
I can’t help but kiss her forehead.,“Blue,Recently there is a newly opened hotel,I take you in the past,Is your favorite sour。”
His low voice is lazy,Confused。
Blue Xin,Looking at him, I blinked,“Can I eat now??
wrong,The wound in my hand has already been built.。
That line,Go to get off work directly after work。”
finally,Still can’t help but the temptation,Below,She gives up the little auspicious,Waiting for time,Go to the little auspicious chooses a gift to send。
after get http://www.baoshanxiuhuadian.cn off work,Blue Xin went to the design department,In her heart,The person of the design department is most likely to know what she is in,When she went to work,In the company, only only go to the 11th floor and design department.。
She is in the design department,Yao Yao chatted with her,Talked,Blue Xin suddenly surprised the opening,She went to the newly opened hotel tonight to eat。
People around,Including Lin Xiwei can listen clearly,After chatting with everyone,Everyone packs up to get off work。
Lu Haocheng went straight to the hotel with Blue Xin。
Road,Blue Xin received a daughter video phone。
“dad,Mother,Where are you going??”
Blue Qi looked at Mom and Dad,In fact, I really want to go home.。
The life of other countries is not easy。
Their family has money,As long as you live, you will not feel http://www.qhdjhpm.cn difficult.,All conditions are different,I really can’t go here.。
Blue Xin is close to Lu Haocheng,“Kiki,I am going to eat with your father.,Have you eaten??”
“We are still early,I am still in the studio.?
I mainly want to tell my father.,After a month, I amMState has a picture exhibition,I am very interested in Danny teacher.,But a little problem。”
Lu Hao Cheng was very surprised,Daughter’s painting is also as popular in foreign countries。
Lu Haozheng parked the car on the side of the road ,Asked:“baby,Tell Dad, what is going on,Dad helps you solve。”
Blue Qiqi, I feel that the toothache is,“Not the sister of my mother’s classmate,You said that she is an old age.,Also grab the location of the show,I also found me to study me. I threaten me.,If I participate in the exhibition,She will not make me can’t mix here.。”