There was a splash of water from the bathroom。

Qin Liang sitting on the sofa,Listen to that“Touching”The sound of water,Thinking in my head;“I’m fucking lucky,There was a beauty who asked to be with me,If I don’t eat a free lunch,Even God won’t forgive me,Hehe……”
Ten minutes later,Zhao Lu appeared in front of Qin Liang again。
“Handsome guy,Wait anxious?”
Zhao Lu walked to Qin Liang with a sweet smile,Sat on his lap without shyness。
“No,How can you be anxious?”
Qin Liang smiled handsomely,I immediately hugged Zhao Lu unceremoniously。
“Don’t worry?I’m in a hurry……”
Zhao Lu is talking,A pair of snow-white jade arms have embraced Qin Liang’s neck。
“What is your urgency?I’m not in a hurry,What are you anxious?”
Qin Liang teased and said,While looking at Zhao Lu with his eyes。
“Why am i not in a hurry?look,My heart beats faster。”
Zhao Lu acted like a baby,Reached out and grabbed Qin Liang’s hand,Put it on her……
“I’m in a hasty!This girl is too active!If you didn’t know that she was an employee in our company,I thought she was a lady!”
Qin Liang had thoughts in his mind,I moved my hand unceremoniously。
“Handsome boy,No more,I can’t stand it anymore,Take me to bed……”