Nick Fury, whose voice fell, turned into light,Kick the evil gold with one kick。

“Evil gold!”
The evil land looked at the kicked evil gold and shouted。
“Do not worry,Next is you。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty The protagonist of this game finally got up
Peace star turned into starlight and rushed to the universe,Follow the Peace Star,Can find unlimited energy。
“Sorry,Lord Hei Di,We failed。”
In front of the shadow emperor in the black mist,Evil wood half kneeling on the ground,Said respectfully to the black shadow sitting on the throne in front of you,Evil gold,Bad soil,Eihuo also half-kneeled behind Emu。
“It’s ok,What’s more, you are not originally the opponent of SHIELD Director,Our most important opponent is the armor of light and shadow。”
“but,What to do with unlimited energy.”
Emu says。
“Even with unlimited energy,SHIELD still won’t have a way to deal with us,But the light and shadow armor is different,and also,In the recent period,You better hibernate。”
Emu looked at the Shadow Emperor with a confused expression on his face。
“When Peace Star fulfills his wish,Will return to the place of unlimited energy to replenish energy,but,In this process,Will cause time and space wormholes to appear,Let some people from other universes come here。”