Get up early,He didn’t look at the phone either,I didn’t expect someone to take a video of singing last night,Unexpectedly exploded。

Lin Dong seems to have seen,White flower silver,Coming soon。
Especially Chen Lan’s call,Tell him Qianyu Music Network is ready to invest,Please a professional team,Help him shoot and comprehendMVAlbum,And arrange a first-class recording studio in Yanjing,Record song。
And these costs,Don’t need him at all,Will not be deducted from the share。
have to say,Qianyu Music Network will do business!
Realize that if the album goes viral,This production cost is a shit。
Originally, Chen Lan wanted to treat him at noon,Negotiate and sign the contract,But Lin Dong wanted to party at night,I made an appointment with Chen Lan tonight。
At the same time, let Chen Lan invite Mo Xiaoxiao,He won’t shout alone。
Bought a bunch of things,Called a car before pulling home。
Come home,Put some ingredients in the refrigerator,Lin Dongcai began to contact and invite。
Qin Xiaomi,Sister Mei,Xu Kun and Wang Qian’s young couple,Liu Ou from the small studio,Now there are Fang Runde and his lover Chen Keke。
of course,Lin Dong didn’t expect the two to come。
I planned to take time out today,To record me and my motherland sample song,But considering Chen Lan’s decision,Need to record and comprehend。
Then just record it by the way,Also save money and trouble。
Didn’t sleep well last night,After Lin Dong got in touch,,Can’t stand it anymore,Entered the room and turned off the phone,Sleepy。
When Lin Dong was sleeping very heavily,As if coming。
I called the car to the door of the courtyard,And it’s a small truck。
Pots of flowers and green plants,Was moved into the courtyard by two porters,It’s like a big bag,Clothes and shoes for Lin Dong,From the inside out,Three or four sets。
And some small daily necessities,Tea coasters have。
have to say,Women are really delicate。