“Yes,Don’t there be a bullet hole on this coffee table?,Why is a girl of a female killer playing on the roof?”Bi Zhongliang carefully viewed the scene,

“Only one possibility,That is the long reaction of the tank class.,Speed is also fast enough,When the female killer knocked on the door, I didn’t feel right.,As for the elastic hole on the roof,Long Tuli Junuxun is playing with the other party。”Ding Mun Village,
“Not that it is very powerful?。”
“His hands have no weapons,If there is a female killer, you will die.。”Ding Mun Village,
“Is there a gun on a special plant??”Bi Zhongliang is still skeptical,
“He said that the gun was in the car.。”Li Shun said,
“Loyalty,You suspect a long history?”Ding Mun Village asked,
“Not dare,I am a very strange thing.。”
“Killer to assassinate the pool, hunger, is true,And a total of six people,According to the description of Tangmann,Three men lifted the gun directly to the door,Seeing the long pokeing auxiliary window and escaped。”
“Loyalty,You http://www.zbqqgjk.cn think too much,According to Jiuchi,Tang Manqing,Zhuang Xiaoman’s description and on-site analysis are no problem.,The long tank class long did not bring a weapon,He can only choose to evacuate。”
“The goal of the killer is that the long-term pool of the pool is correct.,But the scene is not too strong.,But I can’t say it again.。”Bi Zhongliang said,
“All right,This case doesn’t need you,Wang Manchun is self-evident,Then let her be responsible.。”
before dinner,Blue Carrier with a basket of fruit came to the long spring Junjiajia,Fu Yingxue really gave her Japanese cuisine.,Give her clothes to her before eating.。
Girls seem to like beautiful clothes,Happy blue carp said to Fu Yingxue:“Snow sister,Such a long pool is given to me.!”
Originally Fu Ying Xue wants to say that the more such comrades, the better,But I http://www.hhhtlxs.cn want to be tossible every night.,This is swallowed again.。
“rouge,Is there any situation in recent special industries??”Qi Rui,
“I really have something to tell you.,The former day, Telecommunications section received an encrypted text,It is from Japan,Content is agreed to the plan,Specifically, I haven’t found it yet.。”
“be careful,Now Ding Mun Village is investigating a leaking。”
“I know who is。”
“Von Mana?”Tangshanhai will definitely not let the blue carp are seen.,Ruined this is determined to be Feng Manna.,
“You know you.!”
“Guess can also guess,But how do you know??”
“I still know about Feng Mana’s,Just let me not think about Zhou Yuhao actually hifted her.。”
“I have long said to you.,Sometimes people want to see,Don’t look at the surface,But no matter how you don’t have to mix them anyway.,Even what happened?,Do you remember??”
“I won’t be mixed,But I will tell you。”
“Um,This is right.。”
Finish,Rui Rui sent blue carp,I have a few words in the car.,Eight-point,Rui Rui, I came to the gods,Seeing Wang Tianfeng wearing a gray long shirt,Wearing a pair of patch shoes sitting in front of the table slowly in eating 馄饨。
“boss,Give me a bowl of 馄饨。”Rui Rui said next to Wang Tianfeng。
Wang Tianfeng bowed his head and drank his mouth soup,Say:“Do you have anything to find me??”
“How do you act?,I just inform you.,The special high-class long poolicate can not kill now,Because he is related to a huge plan,We can only start from him.。”
“what’s the plan?”
“Arctic Star Lacy Plan,This thing doesn’t have to use your Shanghai Station.,Just I hope that you will plan to kill anyone in advance, you can’t tell the rose in advance.,Because we also have a lurking in the enemy camp,Don’t misunderstand our own people.。”
“If you can give me some intelligence,Or give me the assassination target, I don’t know who can kill.,No one can’t kill?。”
“it is good,I will give you two people now.,A name called Luo Junqiang,A called Cai Guangyuan,You go to kill them.。”