Cold weather avoid eating hot pot too much may suffer from gout

Cold weather avoid eating hot pot too much may suffer from gout

“Spicy hot” is most likely to cause gastrointestinal injuries. At 4 pm every day, Mr. Shi, general manager of a company working on Nanjing East Road, always likes to have “hot pot afternoon tea” with friends at a nearby hot pot restaurant.Initially poured in sequence, Mr. Shi felt that it was an extraordinary enjoyment.

Especially the feeling of being sweaty and sweating makes him feel tired for a long time.

  The reporter learned that starting from noon recently, no matter what time period, some popular hotpot cities are lively.

Hot pot enthusiasts like Mr. Shi are endless.

However, esophagitis, gastritis, diarrhea, nosebleeds, hemorrhoids and other patients encountered in outpatient clinics are mostly these spicy people.

Professor Li Gang of the Internal Medicine of Shanghai Shuguang Hospital reminded not to let sintering suffer just because of the happiness in his mouth.

So when you eat hot pot, try to make the taste slightly spicy, and don’t eat too much at once.

When eating hot pot, you can drink milk and other drinks to protect the stomach and intestines. After drinking hot pot, drink more boiling water or strong tea to reduce the irritation to the stomach.

  If the meat is not cooked, it may be infected with hepatitis A. Citizens who love hot pots believe that hot pot dishes are of various styles and rich in nutrition, which can ensure that the human body fully absorbs a variety of trace elements and minerals.

Many hobbyists also like to eat fresh and tender meat, often put food in a hot pot and eat it.

In fact, this diet is susceptible to some diseases. For example, if you eat uncooked seafood such as shellfish, oysters, and snails, you may be infected with hepatitis A virus.

Virology experts revealed that in daily environments, hepatitis A virus can survive for 12 months at 60 ° C, and it can be killed by heating at 100 ° C for 5 minutes.

  Experts warn that the three parasites of Trichinella spiralis, roundworm and cysticercosis can spread through hot pot.

Therefore, remind those who are eager to eat fresh and tender. When eating hot pot, pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of meat. For safety reasons, it is best to cook meat in the hot pot for a long time.White, grainy material, if possible cysticercosis eggs.

  The health department has also issued a consumer warning. When eating hot pot, you should pay attention to the thinner pieces of meat used for meat shavings.

  She had numbness in her toes and was careful of gout. Recently, Li went to a seafood hot pot with a friend. The next morning, she had a big toe and it hurt her heart.

Professor Zhang Daifu, director of the Department of Cardiology, Dongfang Hospital, pointed out that people like Miss Li who have high levels of uric acid must pay attention to their diet to avoid gout.

  According to Professor Zhang, the pathogenesis of gout is that the uric acid content in the blood is too high, and the meat types, meat, and animal viscera in hot pot foods contain purines and purines. They are digested and absorbed by the body and enter the blood circulation.Produces excessive uric acid.

Uric acid cannot be completely excreted from the body after urinating, and urate produced by the blood is deposited in tissues such as joints, causing symptoms such as joint pain.

Gout itself can heal itself, so people who have had gout do not have to be overly nervous, just pay attention to their diet.

At the same time, those with a history of gout should always pay attention and not be overworked.