WTA’s latest world ranking significantly improves player Wang Yafan’s 64th personal high

WTA’s latest world rankings significantly improve player Wang Yafan’s 64th personal high
With the results of the quarterfinals at Brisbane, Naomi Osaka advanced one place in the world rankings to fourth this week.She is currently less than 200 points away from the world’s third Wozniacki, who is about to usher in the Australian Open defending journey.  The U.S. Open champion enjoyed round-the-clock treatment in the first round, then defeated Ayawa and Sevastopova, and was eventually snipered by Black Matt Sulenko in the semifinals.  Risk was the player with the highest ranking increase in the TOP100 in the first week.The Americans who reached the finals in Shenzhen rose from 62nd to 48th, a 12-point difference from their career high rankings.  Here are a few other players whose rankings have improved significantly after the first week of the new season:    Stevens (+1 rose from 6th to 5th): Although the American star will lose to hole in the first round of BrisbaneTower, but her world rankings this week are still returning to TOP5.  Tesulenko (+3 rose from 27th to 24th): The Ukrainian was reversed by Ka Pliskova in the final of Brisbane, but with the results of this top runner, she alsoRefreshed the highest ranking in career.  Wikic (+5 rose from 34th to 29th): Wikic also ushered in a strong start in the 2019 season: she defeated Bottens and Sasnovi? at Brisbane Station and was halfway in one fell swoop.finals.  Wang Yafan (+6 rose from 70th to 64th): The Chinese girl successfully reached the semi-finals at the Shenzhen station, losing to the final champion Sabalenka in the semifinals.She continued to improve her rankings and set a new high this week.  Bouchard (+8 rose from 87th to 79th): The Canadian name who returned to the TOP100 last season continues the momentum of rejuvenation.She broke into the quarter-finals at Oakland and lost to the final champion Gerggs in the quarter-finals.  Nikulescu (+11 rose from 99th to 88th): Romanian veteran reached the quarterfinals at the Shenzhen station, and the world rankings rebounded further.  Zvonareva (+14 rose from 109th to 95th): Former world second retired due to injury in the semi-final against Risk at Shenzhen.But gratifyingly, she returned to the TOP100 list this week.  Andrescu (+45 from No. 152 to No. 107): The 18-year-old Canadian rookie shines in the first week of the new season.She even kebabos, Wozniacki, Williams and Xie Shuwei, broke into the finals of the Auckland station with a dark horse. Original title: WTA Ranking Observation: Osaka Naomi rose to No. 4 Wang Yafan set a new personal high