To say that both sides have fully recovered,Impossible in such a short time。

When physical energy is on the verge of exhaustion,for the rest of the time,Is stronger than whose willpower!
“Michael,carry on?”Pippen is deciding whether to continue passing the ball to Jordan。
Jordan’s jersey is soaked,His sweat evaporates on the jersey and forms puffs of smoke。
But his eyes are still shining!
“of course。”
51Minute,It’s not my limit。
“run!start running!”Kirtrambis shouted from the sidelines。
Lakers players continue to run!
This lineup system has very high requirements for the running of the three Lakers marksmen.,They need to keep interspersing,Pick and roll,Run back,Free cut to giveOKManufacturing space。
Eddie Jones is fine to say,Young and vigorous after all。
Horry just turned out27year old,Very good physical fitness。
The only uncomfortable thing is Old Curry,He has already hit this game18separated。
5Three points!
For a role player,It’s a fantastic performance,Based on his performance in this game,He doesn’t worry about not getting the money for the next contract。
But his stamina is really exhausted,Staggered。
“Damn,Hold on for a few more minutes,Run these old legs for a few more minutes!”Old Curry gritted his teeth。
But he still ran a step slower,Kobe’s pass flew in front of him。