“Yes!I just want to go to that place!”

The car stopped in front of a very big sign——Cabelas。
“Turned out to be a gun,I like。”Kobe touched his chin。
“GOGOGO,RUSHstand up。”
In the U.S,You can’t do without guns,Guns are a culture in the United States。
The nation’s largest gun storeCabelas,The guns here are dazzling,various kinds。Not all guns after entering the store,It’s a bit like a forest zoo,A rockery in the middle,Full of animal specimens,Outdoor products are sold around。
Outdoors and hunting are also behaviors that American people love very much。
“Jack!”Just entered the shop,The gun shop manager greeted him immediately。
“Tony,Today I brought my little brother to play!Make something interesting!”
“The actor said so,That has to be arranged。I recently got a few modified guns,Full of energy,Come try?”
“Go,What are you waiting for。”
A group of people took the elevator straight to the second floor,There are a dazzling array of firearms on the shelves on the second floor,Pistols, rifles and sniper rifles are very complete,After all, it’s the largest gun shop in the U.S.,Keep going inside,Came to the shooting range。
There are rows of waiting seats in the open lobby,Two-thirds of the area is placed with counters and various shelves,Except for some promotional posters on the walls on both sides,There is also a hook type locker。
“Play with pistols first!”After a group of people fill in their personal information,Wear noise-reducing earplugs and goggles,Started gun selection。