Do not wait for the other party to answer,He also,“If we oppose,Are you going to kill us??”

House shakes his head,The corner of the mouth is outlined.,“Whether it is in favor and opposition,You will go out from me this night.,Certainty,Totel tonight。”
He put his hand,Stop the people who want to speak,“Now,I finally asked again.,Who is agree,Who opposed。”
No one speaks。
But there is another sound,From outside the hall。
“I oppose。”
First2104Chapter You are……Big devil
People have not arrived。
Sound first。
Although the hall is closed。
But this sound is unusually passed into the ear of every person.。
Who is!
Everyone has a bit aim。
The hall is opened。 There is a black youth。
Youth faceless expression,Non-dark eyes do not fluctuate,Calm people feel suppressed。
Distinguish without any breath,Bring a sense of invisible suffocation to everyone。
It is summer。
See him,Everyone is a。
There are also many eyes to look at Haus.。
After all, here is his residential。
How much,Everyone has revealed the puzzle。
“Who are you?!”
House stood up,Face,Eyelid,“Who let you come in?,Say!”
Though,House’s eyes are straight to see the summer。
Here is his residential,Herd of alert。
Those guards and bodyguards,I didn’t send any warnings.……It’s a group of waste!
He is angry in his heart。
“You are House?”
Summer is very casual, I read him.,After the eyes, it turned in the hall.。
When the eyes fall in Di Fu,Can’t help but pick your eyebrows,Some surprises,Laugh and laugh。