Zhang Xiaoying’s mouth,Laugh:“With just a ratio,Now the image is very ugly。”

“So I have to dress up.,Come,you try。”Wang traffic handed over her mouse,I introduce it next to it.:“I am using a male image,You have to like,Can be switched into a woman。
Here these is a decoration that can be used.,These are free,These are all charges,What do you like?,I tried to dress up.。”
Zhang Xiaoying holds the mouse,First switch the characters into women,Then stared at the decoration and saw a moment.,Subsequently picked a fairy dress,Then click to dress up。
moment,OriginallytShirt and short skirt,Looking at the same cartoon image of a little soil, it suddenly changed,It became a white long dress,Blu light is also scattered around,Like a small fairy,Missing a lot of hardships。
Zhang Xiaoying looked at the eyes:“Don’t say,I feel that it is a bit mean.。”
After talking about it, I will pick up the necklace.、A ring、A pair of crystal shoes,At the end, I also picked a pink sun visor.,Turnout and dress up,Playing is not easy。
Finally, I can’t help but remind it.:“Don’t play it?,Still something,What is the shortcoming。”
Zhang Xiaoying thinks this,Laugh,Sink:“Overall is not bad,Quite fun,But the function seems to be a bit single.。
Only two options to try and purchase,If the user doesn’t want to buy it in a time, do you want to buy?,Or how to do not buy?
Is it possible to add a collection option?,First collection,Waiting for it, I want to buy it again.?”
Wang is dark,At the same time, hurry out the phone,Into the pony:“qqShow function single,Can consider adding a favorite option。”
After finishing, look at Zhang Xiaoying:“Is there still??”
“Um……Since you can buy it,Why can’t you give a gift??Mutual dressing between friends,Contact the feelings are also very good.?”
NS211chapter Mobile dream network(Pay back11)
Wang traffic is thoughtfully,Continue to pony:“Add a gift function,Convenient users to communicate friendship。”
Did you once again see Zhang Xiaoying:“Go on。”
“Besides……I will once again.,Is it a little waste??Can you consider adding a deadline more?”
Wang Liu’s eyes bright,This must be,A hammer sale,How to have a long-flowing cost-effective,Not mentioned,Continue to pony。
Another one。
Look at the continuous feedback,Pony is very popular,He knows,Looking for a king to experience and find it wrong with it.,Now, I really guess it.,This is only a big conference,Just send so many constructive opinions……
The boss is really http://www.rengangkeji.cn good.。
However, he doesn’t know.,This time he really looked high.,Not the boss,But the boss is in the past。
The new version that has been booked to release,Because Zhang Xiaoying suddenly ranked again and again。
After all, we must start exploring the charging mode.,First trial charge,Lean seeking a little bit,It is also easier to succeed。
and,Throughout the network social field,DependentqqA large,There is no one in the rest.,No competitive pressure,The new version doesn’t have to release it.,Extension is completely indispensable。
I don’t know that I have entered December.。
Just arrived in the company,Liao Zhongwei suddenly called the phone,The king is a little surprised,Impression,This is also Liao Zhongwei to call him the first time.。
Handle,Laugh:“Zhongwei,How do you think of http://www.knayt.cn calling me??What’s up?”
“Be a bit,And it is a good thing。”Then,Liao Zhongwei:“Just get the news,China Mobile is coming soon‘Mobile dream network’service,Interested in summarizing social telecom value-added business partners,Let this business together。