Quest: 16 actions to see your psychological personality

Quest: 16 actions to see your psychological personality

Break down a person’s inner character, you don’t need the other person to speak. Just observe with your heart, you know that the other person is roughly a certain person, and there are no lies in front of you.

The psychologist tells everyone the secret of “mind reading”, and observes everyone in life attentively!

  1. Talk and laugh-Humanistic action psychoanalysis: When this kind of person talks to you, you will feel very relaxed and happy.

Most of them are cheerful and never demanding on life. They pay attention to “satisfaction” and are full of humanity.

Dedicated to feelings, cherish friendship and affection.

People are better connected and love a peaceful life.

  2. Psychoanalysis of strong finger joints—Strong action: This kind of person is used to making their fingers rattle.

They are usually powerful and very talkative, and they like to drill “horns”.

He is very picky about his career and work environment. If he likes to do something, he will work hard at any cost.

  3, leg toe-psychological analysis of selfish movements: This type of person always likes to use his feet or toes to make the entire leg disease; the most obvious manifestation is selfishness, rarely considering others, starting from self-interest in everything, being very embarrassing to others, and treating himself.But contented.

But he is very good at thinking and can often ask some unexpected questions.

  4, slap the head-psychological analysis of harsh actions: this action is to express remorse and self-condemnation.

This kind of person is harsh to others, but has a pioneering spirit for the cause.

They are generally open-minded, sincere, compassionate, willing to help others, but unable to keep secrets.

  5, playing with ornaments-a more psychological analysis of introverted movements: This type of person is mostly female, generally more introverted and does not easily expose feelings.

Another characteristic of them is that they do their work conscientiously and practically. Everyone has a forum, a party or a dance, and people have dispersed, but it is always them who clean up the venue.

  6. Shrugging and spreading hands-Psychoanalysis of imaginative movement: This movement means that it doesn’t matter.

Most of these people are enthusiastic, sincere, imaginative, and will create and enjoy life. The greatest happiness they seek is to live in a harmonious and comfortable environment.

  7. Wiping the nose and pinching the nose-Psychological analysis of the action of plucking the nose: Most people who are accustomed to wiping the nose and pinching their noses like to play tricks on others, but they dare not “dare to be daring to do it,” and they like to clamor.

Such a person is ultimately a dominated person. When others ask him to do something, he may do anything, and often hesitates about shopping.

  8, often bowed-cautious action psychoanalysis: prudent dispatch.

I hate overly fierce, frivolous things, diligently industrious, and very careful in making friends.

  9, cheek support-strong service spirit action psychological analysis: service spirit is strong, hate wrong things, work at the lax cooperation object will be very disgusted.

  10, two wrists crossed-psychological analysis of egoistic movements: maintain a unique view of things, often gives a feeling of indifference, belongs to easy-to-loss people, a little egoistic.

  11. Fiddle with hair-emotional analysis of emotional movements: This is an emotional, often frustrated character.

Very sensitive to fashion, but suddenly cold and hot.

  12, put your hand on the mouth-psychological analysis of the action of the secretist: this is a sensitive type, is a secretist, often stubborn on the mouth, but the heart is very gentle.

  13. Holding your arm in your hands-there may be losses. Psychological analysis: Conservative irrational people, because they do not reject others’ requests, may suffer losses.

  14, relying on an object-cold character action psychoanalysis: cold character, sense of responsibility and possibility, is a struggle type alone.

  15. Look everywhere-Psychological analysis of optimistic action: optimistic with a social personality, compliant, interested in everything, and obviously likes and dislikes people.

  16. Shake your head and shake your brain-Solely exclusive psychological analysis: This kind of person is so confident that she has solely exclusive attitude.

They can express themselves in social situations, and they are always praised for their indomitable spirit.