“If it’s like you said,I want to go to such a place,Really want to open my eyes。”

The original party with a different flavor changed the style of Huang Lei’s words。
Of course,There are also some reasons,Everyone is a little tired of the conflict between Zheng Li and the little girl just now,Most people show indifference。
But it’s also because of face,Didn’t interrupt this kind of contest between them,It’s as if you can’t see or hear。
Now Huang Lei talked about such a topic,Of course everyone hopes to dive into this topic,The purpose is not to hear them arguing here again in the future。
Anyway, things like that are not a good thing。
Huang Lei didn’t think so much,The only thing he thinks now is where to find such a place。
Are asking Huang Lei,Huang Lei can only tell them that this place is a place in our country。
“I don’t know how to tell you more specifically,I will take you there when you are free。”
Huang Lei said with a chuckle。
Chapter Fifty Nine Help blind date
On the way back,Huang Lei was puzzled inside,The chick is watching him all the time,This also makes Huang Lei feel more guilty。
He knows why the chick looks at him,It’s just asking if he really has such a place?
Actually there is a place like a ghost。
“so what should I do now?”Chick asked。