Leo has changed even more today,I’m already over two meters tall,The whole person does not look burly,But the whole body is full of power。

Advanced Swordsmanship:100000/100000
Compared http://www.tai-cang.cn to the first advanced swordsmanship one and a half years ago,Now his advanced swordsmanship has reached the full level。
He found a swordsman on the island,Study in the sword hall of the swordsman,With an experienced swordsman guide,His swordsmanship goes a long http://www.soaptown.cn way,Now I’m stuck at the apex of advanced swordsmanship,Just make a breakthrough,He can become a swordsman。
And Green Bull is also under Leo’s strict requirements,Strength increase。
Green Bull
Head iron(Do not accept):The hardness of the head is greatly increased,The stiffness of the limbs increased slightly。
Although this property panel is not a system,And can’t provide him with strength help,But the level of strength is also clearly divided。
In a year and a half of exploration,He figured it out,The rank of an ordinary adult man is generally9level。
and10After http://www.hrbfdmy.cn level, it is already the strength of the ordinary navy。